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Australian pokiesAUSTRALIA-POKIES

Where is the home of the Australian pokies – the casino or the online casino?

It had always seemed inevitable there would come a time where neither the casino nor the online casino could keep up with one another. And yes this did occur by the end of the decade of the 2000’s. Why you make ask? Well there are actually numerous reasons why casino players decided that the home for the Australian pokies was at the online casinos.

Playing the pokies at the casinos in Australia has always been fun, and at first this did not really change with the formation of the first online casinos in the early part of the 2000’s. But then the swing did start to occur. Now, unlike the online casinos, the physical casinos will always have one issue, which is space. This has meant a restriction on the amount of Australian pokies that could actually fit inside the casino. Now compare this to an online casino, and you can quickly see the same issues are just not apparent. Whereas there is a struggle to fit in 50 poker machines in a land based casino in Australia, many of the online casinos will carry well over 300 Australian pokies online. There is also always new online pokies added every month, where of course for a casino there is an added cost of disposing of a poker machine and buying a new one.

So with extra choice of the Australian pokies at the online casinos, you can see why the swing occurred, but of course the other major turning point was the winnings on offer. With their being jackpots ranging from the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the millions, it was very clear that the new home of the Australian pokies was always going to be at the online casinos.

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